Here to help your child be successful by helping both you and her understand what the gymnastics judge is looking for.
Gymnastics routine evaluations.
The original online judge for gymnastics evaluations.

A gymnastics evaluation of your gymnast's routines will provide valuable feedback to potentially improve your child's scores, guide her to success, and increase her confidence. A gymnastics routine evaluation will help both you and your gymnast understand what the judge is looking for in an excellent routine. JudgeGymnast.com is the original online judge for gymnastics evaluations. Get your online gymnastics routine evaluation today!

Gymnastics routines during meets are scored by professional gymnastics judges who have been certified to judge competitions. How they arrive at a score can be a mystery to the untrained eye. By sending JudgeGymnast.com a video of your child's routine, a gymnastics evaluation will be provided with feedback on suggestions for potentially improving the score. The gymnastics routine evaluation will include information on deductions for execution, special requirements, specific apparatus deductions and whether bonus points were awarded or not. Suggestions will be given for areas of improvement. And by using JudgeGymnast.com you will know exactly who (Alice Kuntz, National Level Judge) is providing the feedback. She is the original online gymnastics judge.

Here's the process to register and submit your routine to be judged:

    A. Register for free using our registration form.

    B. Record a digital video of your gymnast's routine

Using the privacy option, upload your video to YouTube and send us a link. Make sure to list info@judgegymnast.com as one who is allowed to view it. Or, you can list it publicly and take it off YouTube once you receive your evaluation.

    D. Submit payment via PayPal for each routine you would like judged.

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